Integrity Advance Loans

Integrity Advance Loans are short term loans that help people make ends meet in between pay periods. While they are not intended as a long term solution, Integrity Advance Loans are available anytime you need them. Trying to make the process easier, Integrity Advance Loans accept applications online or in person.

The advantages of getting payday loans from Integrity Advance Loans include:
  • Immediate cash availability for urgent requirements
  • Available even to individuals who have bad credit history
  • Can be obtained through Internet from the comfort of home
  • No need to provide security or collateral
  • Cash is available immediately in emergency situation
  • No need to borrow from any other person
  • Safe and secure online transaction
  • Integrity Advance Loans guarantees protection of personal and financial data provided by the applicant

Integrity Advance Loans Process

Taking only a few minutes to complete, most applications are approved within an hour. Although the approval rate is high, the loan amount depends on your income. Only applicants with a complete application will receive a quick approval. Omitting or including false information slows the application process.

Qualifying for Loan

There are minimal requirements for each applicant. Those requirements include:
  • being of legal age
  • having a verifiable source of income
  • having an active bank account
  • applicant must be a US citizen or permanent resident
Unless otherwise noted, the legal age is 18. Typically lenders of Integrity Advance Loans prefer employed applicants but are willing to approve anyone with a steady source of income such as social security income. In most cases, those applying online are not required to fax in any documents making the approval process simple. Sometimes, the need to borrow money is embarrassing. Because Integrity Advance Loans lenders respect your privacy, you'll never be contacted by anyone when you apply online.

Loan Repayment

The exact rules and laws governing those offering Integrity Advance Loans vary from state to state. After a loan officer receives and approves your application, depending on the time and day you apply you will receive the money directly deposited into your back account within 24-48 hours. Because Integrity Advance Loans are the same as cash advancements, lenders expect you to repay the loan on your next pay period. The exact repayment terms are outlined in the loan agreement contract.

Your repayment method depend on the how you submitted your application. Those who applied for a Integrity Advance Loans in person are expected to return to the lender and repay the loan on the loan's maturity date. As a form of collateral, before receiving the money, the borrower writes the lender a postdated check for the loan amount, accrued interest and any other fees. If the borrower does not return to redeem the postdated check, the lender has the right to deposit the check as a form of payment.

Those applying for Integrity Advance Loans online have an easier repayment method. The lender simply debits your bank account on the agreed day for the agreed amount. The amount of time you have to repay the loan depends on the amount of money borrowed. You'll never have to speak or contact a loan representative unless problems arise with repaying the loan. Although full repayment is expected on the repayment date, those who are unable to pay the full amount must contact the lender to discuss extending the repayment in advance. Failure to contact the loan company may result in other fees such as bank fees for insufficient funds. Normally, when you are unable to make the full payment, the lender will allow you to pay the interest and extend your due date until the following pay period.

Early Repayment

It's not required, but those who wish to repay all or part of the loan before the due date may do so. Any payment received before a pay date is credited towards the upcoming payment. Any excess amount of money paid on a repayment date is applied towards the principle balance and you'll make a regular payment on your Integrity Advance Loans as usual.

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